The story interweaves myth-making with historical texts in a unifying and magical alchemy to spark the hearts and imaginations of its readers. Mythology is true for everyone and, in this sense, the Beloved Book is a part of Humanity’s collective journey back to Source, the Origin of Us.
In other words, a journey to wholeness
— the Great Mystery. 

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The Beloved Book Gallery depicts the inner journey of a woman from 2004 to 2012 after immersing into the WingMakers materials. The journey itself is based upon actual events portrayed in a mythical setting.  Approach the artworks and the book with the open-minded curiosity of a child, or a playful dolphin, without expectations.
Remember, innocence is key.

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I remember the first day I fell in love with life
The blinders of fear had been removed.
And I saw sparkling vibrant life
peeking through everything,
every atom…every plant…every animal
…every person
And I fell in love.
I called it God then… now I call it Life.

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The Beloved is a collaborative project with contributions from artists, philosophers and theologians. It is based on real life events, portrayed as a myth in such a way as to spark the heart and imagination of its readers. It is told by the Ishayas that Boanerge was fond of using this style of communication for seekers of truth.

The story has been gathering momentum since 2004 and finally came into being.  We hope it inspires within you the idea of holding out our hands to each and everyone on our beloved planet regardless of belief or race. The Beloved Project is intended as a gift towards the co-creation of Equality and Oneness, both in the bedrock of human existence, the Heart of our Planet and in the larger picture of All of Life Itself.

The authors are releasing the whole book free to read online. Certain parts may change in editing as the journey to wholeness evolves, but the central essence remains the same. The journey into the heart of all things —the Great Mystery— is an ongoing process, unfolding in its own time and its own way — one person at a time.

Boanerge has touched the lives of many, both directly and indirectly, in service to humanity. We invite anyone who resonates with the project and wishes to contribute energetically to contact us. Maybe you have a story to share about Boanerge, or talents with art, animation, editing, music, screenplays, writing, etc. All of us have a part to play in this love story. We are inspired to collaborate with others who seek to unify all of the cultures on our beloved planet into a coherent expression of Equality, Peace and Unity as we move ever closer to the Grand Portal.

Heartfelt blessings to all who enter this portal. From our hearts to yours.


Memorial Day 2012