Book Introduction

The Beloved Book is a mythological story of how one woman’s journey became innocently intertwined with the mission of John the Beloved – an inner journey of a soul whose life was touched by John, the WingMakers and other pioneers of consciousness in her journey to wholeness.

Mythology is true for everyone and, in this sense, the Beloved Book is a part of Humanity’s collective journey back to Source, to Wholeness – the Origin of Us. The story interweaves myth-making with historical texts in a unifying and magical alchemy to spark the hearts and imaginations of its readers.

It will be uploaded chapter by chapter, together with artworks to enhance the experience of diving deeply into the story itself.

The underlying energy of our site is truly about collective wholeness and of lifting humanity out of the illusion of the world of the controllers. But wholeness sometimes comes in unexpected ways, as you will discover in reading the story.

The book is dedicated to Boanerge, who has over-lighted Humanity for a very long time. His fingerprint can be found in many places – cultures, books, ideas and, more especially, hearts.

Perhaps you know him too?

UPDATE: Book two is in preparation.