The Beloved Gallery depicts the inner journey of a woman after immersing into the WingMakers materials. The gallery images are based upon actual events portrayed in a mythical setting.

The images are not necessarily portrayed in chronological order, but time has a way of behaving strangely in the quantum world. We can share that the journey actually took place and the images were created between 2004 and 2012. The best advice we can offer is to approach the artworks and the book with the open-minded curiosity of a child, or a playful dolphin, without expectations.

Scientists are well aware that we cannot hold true to any rigid dogma, or theories in the quantum field, in which it pays to be open to the endless possibilities. Similarly this is a sensitive subject in the world of cultural, historical and religious beliefs. In the spirit of Oneness, we ask that you temporarily suspend your historical beliefs and approach this as a seeker of truth in terms of the Origins of Humanity. The truth will then find you in the story itself, as indeed it did for the woman, who had no idea of the journey taking place nor of her role in it.

“Remember innocence is key.”

It is our cognition that all prophecies in cultures with regard to the End of Time, the Grand Portal, Heaven on Earth, and others, originated from the very same person, John the Beloved; who has traveled throughout time and space to assist Humanity in this very Time/Untime that we now live in.

Our hearts are full of appreciation for his love of Humanity. In recognition of this, and honoring all cultures, we offer this to you with open hearts and minds.