What’s New

We decided to update the first version of the book, which you can now read online for free. We invite anyone to share their stories of meeting John in the dream-state, meditation, or in person. Please contact us here if you feel inspired to share.

A modern WordPress Flipbook style has been uploaded with new artworks. The original HTML version previously hosted on thebelovedwoman.com has been removed. In the future, we may post the individual pages for individuals who experience difficulty viewing the pages in the flipbook style.

Feb 2016:       The WordPress Flipbook style of the Beloved Book is now live. Please contact us if you experience viewing difficulties.

Jul 2015:        Heart of All Things and The Beloved Woman websites have now merged.

Jun 2015:       Website updated. Fully responsive design.

Aug 2014:       8 Poetry pages with artworks added.

May 2014:      Two galleries are now complete – 48 images have been merged into one Gallery.

Mar 2014:       Book One finished.

May 2012:       Website launched