This poem was not written by us. It was an anonymous gift from **shalom** originally shared on the Reconnections Forum back in the winter of 2007/2008. It touches our hearts as deeply today in 2017 as it did back then. Nay, more… much more.

The Ancient Arrow has been pulled so far back within the bow of the Human Mind System. Perhaps this time we have enough momentum to gather our sundered hearts, without excluding a single… little… drop… and aim it back to our collective Source.


If you were standing in a sand storm 
With wind tunneling tiny pebbles in every direction
There would be no surprise
Why you found it difficult
To open your eyes…
You would instinctively
That in order to see
Clearly you would need to move away
From the debris
Or you would be blinded
In the very process of trying to see…
If you were hiding
In a dark, deep place
That received no light
It would be anticipated
That when you did indeed open your eyes…
The pain,
The utter shock from natural light
Would sting,
It would burn away the darkness
And you would need to give yourself
To adjust
To See
If you
Had been blind all your life
And were miraculously given
The gift of sight
Your brain would have to work very hard
To learn
To interpret information
Using your vision
As a tool—-
Because you had become
To synthesizing information
With out the aid
Of your own vision
Do you think…
Your third eye is the exception?
If you have lived your entire life
Fearing truth,
Running from healing,
Seeking chaos and Confusion
Division and delusion
As a means to control
The world??…
If you’ve been told
The answer lies in the powers
Of yourself
Rather than the divine within you–
If you have been taught
That your worth and value
Is dependant upon your gain-?
That your freedom can seek you out
Through the vein
Of your bank account
Rather than
Your fearless heart-
If you have bought the poison
That your body was a tool
Rather than a temple—
To hold your most coveted gift
Your soul
You may not recognize the truth yet
But there are alternatives to your pain
Steadfast in the renewing of your heart and mind
Through the art of LOVE
In this war torn land of mass consumption…
One must hold close
To the resolution
That there is redemption
In the act of LOVE
You don’t have to crawl
Before you can run to the light…
But baby you will have to fight
Fight to come home…
Reveal your deepest desire;
Embrace your aching,
Use your pain to propel you forward
To your awakening
Emancipate your spirit
By holding on to your divinity
You can fly —
You can experience release
Be liberated by the renewing of your mind
Know condemnation is a wicked lie
That seeks to destroy
The accused and the accuser
From their very design
Come Home—
The battle is upon us to find our voice
To be unwavering in the truth that resounds
In our third eye
This one doesn’t shy
From transformation
From emancipation
Conversion is not your job
You are here
To participate in the fight
For your right
You are here to elevate your soul
To give the precious essence
Of your hearts desire
To the world
Home is where
You will know
The unshackling
of the chains that hold you captive…
From your own glory
That feed the ego
And your need to BE
Recognized for deeds
And not for
The King or Queen
You ARE-
The superstar
Who shines?
By the nature of your birth
That is the calling of
How long have you sought to
Add your song to the symphony of humanity
To let it rise up and beat the drum
That shake the core of that which feeds
Off your pain,
And your grief,
Your anger,
And defeat?

**by shalom**

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